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These pages are to be filled with the books, articles, websites and ideas I’ve found most helpful on my journey in learning about partnership working. Hover over the main tab for the drop-down list.

Today is 21st March 2019, and all I’ve time for right now is to add a brief entry

Papers by me

The behaviour of emotional energy

Key Texts referenced in my workshops

The Wisest One in the Room – Thomas Gilovich & Lee Ross
(review to come)
Collaborative Advantage – Elizabeth Lank
The Thin Book of Appreciative Inquiry – Sue Hammond
Host: Six new roles of engagement – Mark McKergow & Helen Bailey
The Solutions Focus – Mark Mckergow & Paul Jackson
The Handbook of Action Research – Hilary Bradbury & Peter Reason
Six Thinking Hats – Edward de Bono
Start with Why – Simon Sinek
A Bigger Prize – Margaret Heffernan
Cash in on Conflict – Charlie Irvine

Recommended by Workshop Participants

The Multi Stakeholder Partnership Guide
Channeling Change: Making Collective Impact work
Collective Insights on Collective Impact
Peerworks guide to Collaborative Working
Star size comparison (life in extraordinary proportion!)

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